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Lena Yastreb; Acrylic 2012 Painting “Inevitability”

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Burger Cupcakes

Yorkshire Wildlife Park 15/05/13 by Dave Hunt Photography on Flickr.

Never underestimate your strength.


I wannna get so drunk so it reminds me that its not so bad

but its fucking hard when I have school, health issues, work, and my cousin whom of which is my roommate is nagging on me for 3 drops of marinara on the stove, chicken juice that leaked on the counter when I had to rush off to work, She works a 9-5 and pretty much after that its social time, no homework, no treatments, no odd scheduling of shifts, not as many doctor appointments,  I do as much as I can for her I do everything that she asks me to do without complaining. My roommate policy is if you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours I feel like she’s more of a everyman for herself kind of person. In perspective Ive taken care of her dog many times a if you want time frame then it’ll be about a week plus, and her comeback is well I took care of your CAT when you’re when int he hospital for a week, and yes I have watched her dog mutliple times that would add up to more than a week esp. when she’s going to CABO in fucking mexico for a week, so yeah you had to watch my cat when I was in the hospitals and I’ll watch your dog when you’re camping or in fucking mexico  have fun… I’ll be here and when you come back you’ll still have something to complain about.

point is here, I never complain whenever I do stuff for her even she does/doesn’t ask me too

3 drops of marinana or some crumbs its the end of the world

 and yeah it can be that “well I do this all the time” “well I fucking do this all the time”.

and it doesn’t help that work has been super dramatic lately..I do not have anyone to tell this to…. everyone’s gonna have an opinion, nothing it is not gonna make me feel better.

I just love the I’ll scratch your back if you’ll scratch mine system, and If I make one mistake I hear about it every time, I do anything she asks me to do without question

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at Twin Peaks Colorado Mills
at Twin Peaks Colorado Mills